Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corner Kicks & Crosses: Jabulani Match Ball Review

Adidas has been making soccer balls since 1963 and they’ve been the official match ball of the FIFA World Cup since 1970. Making its debut with the “Telstar” in the 1970 World Cup Mexico, Adidas has added meaning and life to the soccer ball. Prior to the Adidas-FIFA partnership, soccer balls didn’t have a personality and that was a travesty considering that the soccer ball is the heart & soul of the game.

Since 1970, each Adidas created World Cup ball has a history to share… where the Finals were played, the technology used in creating the ball, and the reason behind the design of the ball. The best thing about the World Cup match ball is that everyone has an opportunity to own and play with one. The reality is that for a lot of soccer fans, owning an authentic World Cup ball is far more affordable than attending the World Cup itself. In addition, it’s a beautiful souvenir that will symbolize one’s person memories. With the 2010 World Cup approaching us, Adidas has given us their eleventh straight FIFA approved World Cup ball, the “Jabulani”.

Jabulani means “to celebrate” in Zulu and that’s what the entire planet is going to do this coming June. The “Jabulani” is greatest soccer ball that’s ever been invented to date and it’s not an exaggeration. Because of the technology the Jabulani possesses, this World Cup may be one of the highest scoring World Cups of all time. The only people who will criticize the ball will be the goalkeepers if they’re unable to stop the opposition from scoring.

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