Friday, July 9, 2010

The Rise Of 3D: How Sports Drives The New Economy

I was struck by an article from the Associated Press earlier this month that led with the headline, "Basketball, hockey championships gain TV viewers." And that's just the sporting events that wrapped this summer. Back in February, we witnessed the record-setting, most-watched Super Bowl. I bet we will see similar trends with FIFA World Cup. With attendance down at most sporting events due to the economy -- among other factors -- more Americans are relying on their family room entertainment. The fan experience at home has been vastly improved, largely in part to the availability of HD products and programming.

In that same article, the Associated Press cites the following Nielsen statistics -- an estimated 52% of American homes had HDTVs and were actively using them in 2010. That's compared to 33% in 2009 and 17% in 2008. HD television, movies, videogames, etc., have been a boon for the media and sports industries. But, there are early signs that the hardcore sports fans are already hungry for the next level -- 3D.

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