Monday, January 10, 2011

Report reveals Latino snow sport market

By Charles Bethea, ESPN.

Denver-based sports marketing firm Equipo Roca founder, Delaroca, co-authored the M.A.S. study. It's an accepted truism: snow sports are as white as the snow they're ridden on. But a recent 48-page report could prove the contrary. By examining the intersection of Latin American and snowboarding culture, the "Multiculturals in Action Sports" (M.A.S.) report takes aim at the myths that, according to one of its authors, Juan Alberto Delaroca, Latinos don't have money to snowboard, aren't found near resorts or communities of snowboard enthusiasts and aren't interested in snow sports.

Delaroca, who is a Latin American snowboarder and the founder and president of the Denver-based sports marketing firm Equipo Roca -- which specializes in "connecting the action sports industry with urban and Latino enthusiasts in the U.S. and Latin America" -- is also one of four credited authors of the report. Released in November, it emphatically answers "yes" to the lingering question: Does the multicultural market represent a viable, sustainable opportunity for the snow sports industry?

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