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Tri-State area sports fans rejoice as Cablevision adds Latin American Sports to its channel line-up

MIAMI, Nov 14, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- As the excitement of the 2011 Major League Baseball World Series begins to ebb, baseball fans in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut can now follow the games of the Liga de Beisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League), affiliated with Major League Baseball, thanks to Cablevision's new iO en espanol programming package, which includes Latin American Sports (LAS) network.

LAS' Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League coverage, Puerto Rico's main professional baseball league, begins its winter season playing 42 games during the regular season, which runs from November 4 through January 4, plus an additional five playoff games and five to nine final games to determine which of the league's teams will go on to play in the Caribbean World Series in February. For sports fans already familiar with the league's teams -- Criollos de Caguas, Leones de Ponce, Indios de Mayagues and Gigantes de Carolina -- LAS' coverage also includes exclusive interviews with the athletes direct from Puerto Rico.

"By televising our league's games in the tri-state area, many of our loyal Puerto Rican and Dominican fans will be able to see their favorite teams compete," said Sadi R. Antonmattei Goitia, president of the Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League. "Two of our teams -- Indios de Mayaguez and Senadores de San Juan-- are owned by Dominicans and we also have a good number of players from the Dominican Republic playing for all the teams. And for those baseball fans not yet familiar with our league, this is an ideal opportunity to learn about our teams and players while continuing to watch some pretty exciting baseball."

"Our league has many fans who now reside in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and all of the players are excited to get this additional exposure," said Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, catcher for the Criollos de Caguas. "And this is also a great way for American baseball fans to learn more about the players, many of whom also play Major League ball in the states or may get picked up by American teams in the future."

"We are very pleased to add Latin American Sports channel to Cablevision's iO en espanol. Our very popular Spanish-language digital cable package with more than 45 channels has something entertaining and informative for all household members. iO en espanol provides extensive programming from local sports to popular telenovelas, and includes shows for everyone in the house from preschoolers to parents. Latin American Sports will bring even more value to our viewers," said Bradley Feldman, Cablevision's vice president, video product management.

Alterna'TV, a division of Latin America's leading satellite service provider SatMex, brokered the carriage agreement between Cablevision and Latin American Sports network.

In addition to Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League coverage, LAS also holds exclusive rights for Puerto Rican COLICEBA "AAA" Baseball, Cuban Baseball League and broadcasts the games of the Pacific Mexican League and League of Mexican Baseball. LAS also covers the Baloncesto Superior Nacional de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico's basketball league, and farm teams of Mexico's Liga de Ascenso national soccer league. The network's sports programming also includes boxing, wrestling, charreadas (rodeo), auto racing and extreme sports. LAS also produces its own morning fitness shows, sports news, sports analysis and interview programs with the sports world's most intriguing personalities.

Cablevision's "iO en Espanol" package, which includes 45 Spanish-language channels and more content from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Peru, is available to new subscribers starting at $8.95 per month to residential and commercial customers. Customers must subscribe to Broadcast Basic service and above as well as have a digital cable set-top box. In some areas a CableCARD may also be used. Existing iO en espanol customers interested in these new channels can call to upgrade to receive these channels. Interested customers can call 877-980-7636 to order or go to for additional information.

About Alterna'TV
As a division of Latin America's leading satellite service provider Satmex, Alterna'TV serves as a virtual hub between Latin American programming services and potential carriage partners in the U.S., providing carriers and advertisers with direct access to America's Spanish-speaking communities while delivering Spanish-language programming that is timely and culturally distinct to a diverse audience in the U.S. Representing authentic, local and relevant programming from Latin American programming networks, Alterna'TV accurately assesses the popularity, demand and audience for specific channels originating in Latin American and then provides this invaluable data to carriage partners in the U.S. It also provides Latin American programming partners with unparalleled technical expertise as well as an economical and efficient solution for expanding programming into the United States, reaching a potential audience of some 44 million.

About Latin American Sports
Latin American Sports is a 24x7rising channel, devoted to full field the sports content's demands of Latin American audiences in Puerto Rico and the United States, with coverage of events and original productions of the favorite sports from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico: Baseball, Football Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Boxing and Mexican Rodeo (Charreadas), among others.

SOURCE: Alterna'TV

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