Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Milka Duno launches new MilkaWay.com website

Los Angeles, CA (January 4, 2012) – Race car driver Milka Duno has launched a new website designed to showcase her Milka Way program, whose mission it is to inspire children and young students to “Aim for the Stars” and achieve academic excellence.

The new site, at www.milkaway.com, discusses the educational outreach program and shows many images of Milka Way visits with children and young students around the world.

Started in 2004, the primary objective of the Milka Way program is to inspire and motivate children and young students to study hard in school, pursue every educational opportunity available to them and strive for academic excellence.

In speaking to children and young students directly via the Milka Way visits, and through her book “Go, Milka, Go!” Duno gives insights and tells stories about her own life and her academic and professional goals and accomplishments as an example of what can be achieved with hard work and determination.
This personal interaction with children and young students has shown to be wonderfully effective and both inspires and motivates them in a direct and impactful way.

The “Testimonials” section of the website displays letters from children and young students and statements from educators that reflect the effectiveness and success of the concept and the program.

Milka Way visits have occurred at elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, junior colleges, colleges and universities. Each Milka Way visit is customized to the size and age level of the audience. Milka Way visits are also customized in conjunction with school officials’ requests for specialized emphasis. They can also be customized for student specialties/groups – such as in the areas of science, math, engineering and technology.

As a qualified Naval Engineer with four master's degrees - in Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Aquaculture and Maritime Business – earning the last three degrees simultaneously – Duno is a big believer in the value of education.

“I am very passionate about education and I want to do everything that I can to inspire children and young students to study hard and aim for the stars!” says Duno. “Milka Way gives me an opportunity to try and inspire and motivate them to focus on their education by helping them understand that a strong academic background will benefit them for their entire life – in all aspects of their life – and in any career they choose.”

Duno has taken this message to children, young students, parents and teachers at all school levels around the world – including her home country of Venezuela, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico and all across the United States.

The new website, in its “Academic Excellence” section, gives Duno a wonderful opportunity to highlight and celebrate the successes of some of her Milka Way fans – and she invites parents and teachers to send in images of their children and young students that are achieving!

The site’s extensive gallery offers visitors many images to view as well as several videos on and about Milka Way visits.

MilkaWay.com also offers a simple way for those that are interested to order Duno’s award-winning children’s book “Go, Milka, Go,” a way to inquire about hosting a Milka Way visit or corporate speaking engagement and an invitation to become a promotional partner, sponsor or supporter of the Milka Way effort.

In the coming weeks the Spanish version of the new MilkaWay.com website will debut.

About About Milka Duno:
Duno has eight major race wins in the highest classes (Prototype) in the American Le Mans Series and Rolex Series and the highest finish ever by a female driver (2nd Place) in the Rolex 24 at Daytona in the 49-year history of the race. Go, Milka, Go! - a book about her life and racing career, was awarded the Best Young Adult Sports/Recreation Book of 2009 at the 11th Annual International Latino Book Awards. In 2010, Duno became the first Venezuelan athlete inducted into the Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame.

SOURCE: Milka Duno

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