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AlternaTV acquires exclusive rights to baseball´s La Serie del Caribe (The Caribbean Series) to air on Latin American Sports Channel

Miami, FL February 1, 2012   – Alterna’TV, a subsidiary of Latin America’s leading satellite service provider SatMex, in partnership with Latin American Sports (LAS) channel, has acquired the exclusive rights* to broadcast The Caribbean Series, the annual professional baseball tournament for the winter season’s winning teams from the Confederación de Béisbol Profesional del Caribe (Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation), which include teams from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Mexico. This year’s tournament games, played in Santo Domingo at the Estadio Quisqueya, will be broadcast on the  Latin American Sports (LAS) channel, carried on DISH PUERTO RICO (channel 856), beginning February 2-7. 
The Caribbean Series, akin to America’s World Series, has been a longstanding tradition among baseball fans in Latin America and the Caribbean countries, first played in 1946.   Each year, the series is hosted by one of the league’s participating countries.  In 2013, the series will be played in Mexico and in 2014, the series moves to Venezuela. Alterna’TV and LAS will hold exclusive broadcast rights for The Caribbean Series for the next three years in the Puerto Rican market only. 

The Series´ tournament format is a six (6) game round  robin format where every team plays each of the other teams twice with the Championship going to the team that wins the most games.


Game       Date             Time                      Visiting Club        Home Club

1              Feb 2nd        3:00 PM (PR)         Venezuela           Puerto Rico
2              Feb 2nd        7:00PM (PR)          Mexico                Dominican Republic
3              Feb 3rd         3:00 PM (PR)         Puerto Rico         Mexico
4              Feb 3rd         7:00PM (PR)          Dominican Rep     Venezuela
5              Feb 4th         3:00 PM (PR)         Venezuela           Mexico
6              Feb 4th         7:00PM (PR)          Dominican Rep     Puerto Rico
7              Feb 5th         3:00 PM (PR)         Puerto Rico         Venezuela
8              Feb 5th         7:00PM (PR)          Dominican Rep     Mexico
9              Feb 6th         3:00 PM (PR)         Mexico                Puerto Rico
10            Feb 6th         7:00PM (PR)          Venezuela           Dominican Republic
11            Feb 7th         3:00 PM (PR)         Mexico                Venezuela
12            Feb 7th         7:00PM (PR)          Puerto Rico          Dominican Republic

LAS will broadcast all twelve (12) games in the series and will have its sportscasters calling the games live and providing color commentary. At the end of each day’s games, LAS will air a highlights program reviewing the games’ statistics and best plays with commentary from sports critics.

About Alterna’TV

As a subsidiary of Latin America’s leading satellite service provider Satmex, Alterna'TV serves as a virtual hub between Latin American programming services and potential carriage partners in the U.S., providing carriers and advertisers with direct access to America’s Spanish-speaking communities while delivering Spanish-language programming that is timely and culturally distinct to a diverse audience in the U.S.  Representing authentic, local and relevant programming from Latin American programming networks, Alterna’TV accurately assesses the popularity, demand and audience for specific channels originating in Latin American and then provides this invaluable data to carriage partners in the U.S.  It also provides Latin American programming partners with unparalleled technical expertise as well as an economical and efficient solution for expanding programming into the United States, reaching a potential audience of some 44 million. 

About Latin American Sports

Latin American Sports is a 24x7rising channel, devoted to full field the sports content’s demands of Latin American audiences in Puerto Rico and the United States, with coverage of events and original productions of the favorite sports from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico: Baseball, Football Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Boxing and Mexican Rodeo (Charreadas), among others.

SOURCE: Alterna´TV

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